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Android Apps

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  1. Quicket Budget (27/08/2013) : This app allows you to easily and quickly manage any budget list (shopping list, grocery list, monthly budget) from your android device.
  2. Flags of USA (29/08/2013) : Touch the moving flags. Discover the US 50 states flags with this fun game

  3. Fun with numbers (30/08/2013) : Touch the moving numbers fast. Kids can learn to count. Everyonene have fun with this app.
  4. Fun World Flags Quiz (19/09/2013) : addictive, quick and easy to play, arguably the best flags quiz game. All you have to do is touch the right flag, that`s it! Learn the flags of 196 countries with this quiz game.
  5. Kids Fruits and Vegetables (30/09/2013) : A fun way for toddlers and preschoolers to fruits and vegetables
  6. A different Word SearchComing soon
  7. Dots: The Manhattan Shuffle (22 Nov 2013) : A clever Connect-the-dots game enhanced with a manhattan shuffle twist.
  8. Correct The Word (1 Dec 2013) : Correct each word by quickly Removing the wrong letter(s).
  9. Swipe Out (17 Nov 2013) : Extremely fun and amazingly addictive. Connect and Clear items fast!
  10. Spelling in MotionComing soon
  11. My Favorites Coming soon
  12. Math in Motion Coming soon
  13. Vocabulary in Motion Coming soon
  14. Geography in Motion Coming soon
  15. Coinage Coming soon
  16. Live Ball Coming soon
  17. Live Fruits - Kids Coming soon
  18. Find words Coming soon
  19. Picture Puzzles Coming soon
  20. Target Sniper Coming soon
  21. Talk To Max Coming soon
  22. The IQ Games Coming soon
  23. Touch Racer Coming soon
  24. Flags of Mexico Coming soon
  25. Toddler University Coming soon
  26. How is your espanol Coming soon
  27. ... Coming soon

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  • M6snap Manage your pictures online and share it with friends


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